Raw vegan food pyramid. 


Raw vegan food pyramid. 

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The Dirty Diet Lie

So true.

Maybe we should reconsider the brands we buy?

Maybe we should reconsider the brands we buy?

How to Recycle Anything

A bookmark worthy link of how to recycle most anything!


Borax I add a scoopful (to be exact ;) to my particularly dirty laundry loads to help fight stains.

Vinegar A cup can be added to rinse cycles to be used as a fabric softener. It can also be added to the rinse cycle to take the smell out of cloth diapers. (I don’t have kids, so I haven’t tried this, but I have read about it. If you’ve tried it, I’d like to hear your feedback.)

Makes me proud I no longer drink bottled water. Do you?

Makes me proud I no longer drink bottled water. Do you?

Wish List

(So far…)

  1. Skoy Although I love my microfiber cloths, after reading Skoy’s FAQ I realized these are 100% biodegradable and microfiber isn’t. Microfiber is still great because they can be used a billion (exaggeration?) times, I’d just eventually like to switch to something that can be broken down once it is no longer usable.
  2. LunchBots I’m continually eliminating plastic from my life, although when I do have to use it of course I save it to be used as tupperware. As I would love to be completely plastic-free (especially when dealing with my food) LunchBot’s seem to be the perfect solution. Not to mention they have fundraisers for schools, and who doesn’t want to support a company who supports school
  3. To-Go Ware Similar to #2. To-Go Ware also sells utensils, etc.

Shopping List

All The Cleaning Products I Use

  1. Vinegar
  2. Lemons
  3. Microfiber Cloths
  4. Baking Soda
  5. Borax

As I find more products I like to use I will add them to my list. I’d like to keep my list short and sweet because I know what I like to use, and I know what works for me. (It makes it easier having 5 products I can mix together and use, versus buying a new bottle for each chore!)

Bathroom Cleaning

Toilets: I start by sprinkling baking soda around the inside of my toilet bowl and then pouring in about a cup of vinegar. I’ll let that sit while I continue cleaning the sink and shower. When I come back to the toilet I’ll spray it down with vinegar beggining on the tank lid and working my way down (lid, handle, front of the tank, toilet bowl cover, seat, top of the bowl down the front and the flat parts on the floor that love collecting dust). Then I’ll use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl.

Shower: Apply vinegar or lemon juice at full strength onto mold and mildew with a sponge or microfiber cloth. Vinegar can break down grout, so be sure to rinse well. Baking Soda can be rubbed on if you need more scouring power.

Usually wiping my tub with a microfiber cloth is enough to do the job, but if you need more disinfecting you can spray with any vinegar or lemon spray. As always, rub with baking soda if needed!

Sink Counter: Click

Mirror/Windows: Mix 1 cup vinegar to 5 cups water. (You can scale down if you’d like, I’m just not good with measurements. ;) I prefer using a microfiber cloth, as it doesn’t leave lint like old socks/cloths. Don’t clean if the sun if shining on your mirror or window because it will leave streaks.

"US population tosses out paper bags & plastic cups, forks & spoons every yr to circle equator 300 times"

Just something to think about!

Plastic Free

^ Click. This woman is truly inspiring.


For spots on my carpet I saturate with equal parts mixture of vinegar and water, then sprinkle on baking soda, and rub with a hard bristle brush, rag etc. Let it soak for a few hours and vacuum. This removes most stains, and deodorizes.

Every few vacuums I sprinkle baking soda all over my carpet, and let it sit before vacuuming. The longer you let it sit, the better it removes odors. Watch for your vacuum to get full from the baking soda.

Watch more free documentaries

I think everyone should watch this movie.


Cleaning the most important part of your Kitchen or Bathroom chemical free!

Vinegar - According to Michael Mullen of Heniz 5% vinegar solution (typically sold in supermarkets) kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of germs (viruses).

  1. Fill an empty spray bottle with vinegar, spray counters down and wipe clean. Once spray is dry the smell goes away also. 
  2. For tough spots sprinkle baking soda on your cloth, and scrub.

Lemon - The low pH of lemon juice makes it antibacterial (and smells great too!).

  1. Since there is only about 3 tablespoons of juice per lemon I’ve found the easiest way to clean with lemon juice is to cut a lemon in half, then rub the cut part directly on counter. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the lemon for tough spots.
  2. For stains put a few drops of juice on spot and let soak then wipe clean.

Microfiber cloth -

  1. A good microfiber cloth can collect 98%-99% of all dirt, dust, bacteria and germs. So wipe counters with a cloth dry or wet with water, lemon or vinegar!

If you like cleaning with vinegar but hate the smell, you can combine lemon juice with vinegar.

If you use baking soda to clean make sure to follow with a clean wet cloth to remove the baking soda residue.